Back in it….

Sorry for my lack of posting. I have picked up another webjob and the band is finishing a record. Ah… the life of an artist living in New York City.

Today let’s talk about the new pedals by MXR. The company, in many vintage inspired players’ minds, lost their mojo after the seventies. (Not being biased but they were based in New York) Slowly as Dunlop took over, their focus was moving further away from their roots. And just as many companies do as they “progress,” they make higher quantities of units with cheaper components.

Now as many of you know, or should know, good components equal better signal path. Companies like Fulltone, Klon, Zvex, Keeley, etc… picked up on this and thats why they sound and sell better. I am not going to start a pissing war so thats all I am going to touch on here.

Many of us (ocd tone obsessed gigging musicians) could seldem find a decent Dunlop-made effects unit through the years. Yes, there was one or two pedals that would pop their heads up now and again. I for one still love the purple Dunlop Tremolo pedals as well as the MXR blue box from the 90’s. But not until a couple weeks ago did my MXR radar perk up and salivate.

What triggered such a reaction? The new Carbon Copy Delay. WOW. Now I felt like writing this post because I have a personal connection to the history of this pedal. For years I would carry around three original green 70’s MXR Delays with me. Why? They were the best sounding delays I have ever heard… but they would break…. a lot. Not to mention, after my fifth studio experience of having the engineer tell me that the delay was just too noisy to record with, I felt at a loss. Well not anymore!

Like sleeping with an ex-girlfriend who got hotter with age, the experience of playing the new MXR Carbon Copy was amazing. Just as simple as the old version, having only three knobs keeps you focused on what’s important. Regen, Mix, and Delay time are all you get. And just like the original, there are internal bias pots to open or close your pots. From warm slapback to an all out shoegaze bonanza… this thing is a pocket sized space echo.

At $150 you can’t go wrong with this pedal. I even used it on rhodes and it’s glorious. Thank God, MXR is back…back….back….back… back….back…. (couldn’t help myself)


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