Online Guitar Lessons…

One thing, among many, that the internet has helped in aiding musicians with is online guitar lessons.  I for one love ’em.  Whether I want to find new scale lessons, learn a particular song, or find a new country lick to steal, it’s all on YouTube…. and it’s all FREE!

Unwillingly, I wake up at 7am every morning to walk my two bulldogs.  When I get home I have exactly one hour before my wife wakes up and we start our day with nine cups of coffee.  If you’re married or live with roommates, you may concur that this one hour period is about as precious as any government holiday.  Sure, I could use that time to learn how to speak japanese, lift weights, check stocks, or even do laundry.  Of course if I had any of these passions, I wouldn’t be working in a guitar store and touring in a van with other grown men with similar aspirations.  So… I learn guitar licks.  

The benefits to online guitar lessons other than that they’re free, is the fact that they are visual.  I always had problems learning any instrument from a book.  Without getting the visual and audio support to the teachings, I was lost.  Now I can choose the lesson content whether it be jazz, country, blues, etc… and learn at my own pace, in my underwear, and in my own home.  

There are even free sites to get started by tuning your guitar.  We’ve been nice enough to provide you one on our front page.  You can see it down on the left hand side of Main Drag’s Site.  Now that you’re tuned up, you can choose from over 183,000 “guitar lesson” vids on YouTube.   

The best part is… when you’re done you can watch videos like the one below…  enjoy and good luck.


One Comment to “Online Guitar Lessons…”

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