Small Sound/Big Sound new Fuzz pedals

Just Arrived from our local friends at Small Sound/Big Sound, the “Team Awesome Fuzz Machine!”   Right on I say. Here at Main Drag Music, we really love to support local artists.  Here’s a prime example.  The builder of these pedals had brought in a prototype about a month and a half ago for me to check out.  I liked it but it needed a little tweaking in user friendly Feng shui.  Sure enough he came back to me this week with a much more usable pedal with some great graphics and of course……  an amazing take on the germanium fuzz.  Read more below for details….The reason why I love this pedal is the ability to blend in a clean signal.  For bass this rulz in the saturated market of fuzzes and overdrives that bass players lose their attack in.  It also has a temperature stability element in the reversed-biased ge diode.  The team awesome even has internal bias pots to create your own sweep amounts.   Come check it out while they last at the introductory price of $185.


One Comment to “Small Sound/Big Sound new Fuzz pedals”

  1. Awesome is right! This team knows how to meddle with a pedal! A tried and true concept taken to new dimensions. Get one!

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