New Moog Controller MP-201

We finally got in the newest edition to MOOG’s arsenal.  The MP-201!  Besides the new slicker look, this pedal allows the user to create new sounds out of old pedals. 

A Pic of Patrick Carney (The Black Keys) with his MP-201 Multi-Pedal

black_keys_mp_201How does this pedal achieve new sounds by just being a controller? This is the first pedal to control multiple parameters in both control voltages AND midi. What this means is that you can use the tap tempo on the MP-201 to time synch LFO’s on your other moog pedals, synths, well actually… anything that uses voltage control or midi.  Yeah!

It also sends midi oscillator values or “Midi LFO’s” to your soft synths. Also unlike your standard moog pedal it has 100 presets that contain 4 individual presets of modulation that can all be manipulated at the same time using the foot controller.

Each CV output can be programmed individually. Signals can be foot pedal controlled analogue control voltages with +/-5V limits, LFO waveforms or GATE voltages (0V=Off,+5V=ON). In addition, each channel can output MIDI CC’s over specified MIDI channels simultaneously with the analogue CV outputs.

What else?  It has a USB hookup that when attached, your computer will recognize the 201 as a midi interface.

A really cool new addition to MOOG and sequencing in general. Come check it out. Here’s a clip of Amos at MOOG showing you some samples… enjoy


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