What’s going on with the guitar market?

Some of you here in the states may have noticed that our economy is in the the congressional toilet.  People are losing jobs, companies are going under, banks are being bought out, and musicians are still broke.  I won’t be slinging any political poop in this forum but I will show you some relationships to the guitar market.  YAY….



The other day I went on ebay, like i do everyday, and decided to search for completed auctions on gear that I currently own in my collection.  I started to worry when I saw my brownface Princeton, which were going for $1600 in August, were now completing at $900.  F*#K!  It went on from there.  What I did see though is a trend in what is going down and what is staying the same.  

Now we all know from American history, that these times of financial instability come and go.  In this type of market I need to be BUYING!  But what?  What I noticed was that anything that was highly rare or hard to find vintage was still holding values if not still going up.  It was the more common pieces that weilded unstable high reserves 6 months ago that now have had the bottoms pulled out from under them.  

Take this multivox piece that sold from the Vintage Silvertone Collection here in New York.


Pieces like these are still commanding big dollars.  Yet a ’59 Danelectro U-1 dropped way down in price from six months ago.  A piece that I saw commanding as high as $1200 at one point.  (ridiculous but true)

Why has big wig wall street and the mid western car industry meltdown effected us snobs in the guitar world?  Because people realized they shouldn’t be splurging on pieces that seem readily available and focus more on trying to capitalize on the rare.   

What we’ve seen in the shop is more and more people frantically selling their gear.  Unlike most shops of randomly coming up with low ball buying prices and preying on the weak, we show our customers what their gear is commanding on ebay (the worldwide market).  So we are buying low… but selling a little lower than normal as well.  

So for the common buyer and vintage enthusiast, BUY!  If you haven’t lost your job yet that is.  What’s my biggest suggestion for future high yields?  Pedals.  Rare pedals.  Get them low while people are sleeping, and hold on to them till ’09 when the market picks up.  And of course……  play them while you have it. 

Good Luck.


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