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December 24, 2008

Doppleganger appears…

4 beers in and right before Christmas and my Ghost from Christmas future walked into the store to buy pedals…. mattdylan

December 19, 2008

Hey, Good Lookin! A Hank Special!

Hank Williams, Clarence White, Elvis, Johnny Cash, the list goes on of highly regarded historical music figures who have played these guitars.  This 1957 Martin D-18 looks like they all played on it at some point… and we dig it. When this guitar came in it had seen better days but one familiar tone rang through the back hallway here.  It was that unmistakable Martin sound that we have heard on countless records.  Well…. like an old dog we brought her in, washed her ears out, and gave her a new home on our wall. 


The thing I love most about old acoustics like this one is that with all the years of playing, drying out, cracks, etc… they still sing in a way you cannot replicate.  Many of my own acoustics, mainly my 60’s Gibsons, sound amazing with 6 to 7 repaired top cracks in them. With this one we were happy to see that there were no replaced parts or poor repairs. Tom did a neck reset on this D-18 and repositioned the original bridge.  When it came out of the shop, the staff all took it for a ride. Within seconds there was a honky tonk ho-down in Brooklyn.  Take a look at some up close pictures HERE

December 10, 2008

We’re feeling in the giving mood….

For the first time ever, Main Drag Music is proud to give you NO RESERVE auctions on some very rare vintage pieces.  This is the first round of auctions we are running and will be adding more pieces up until Christmas.  Many of these items were never offered in our store.  Check out all of our auctions for a chance to win that vintage piece for less this week.



One piece in particular is the super rare Schumann Lion Pedal by our old pal John Schumann. This is an early one being #13 and getting it from the original source is a rare chance. Schumann’s small run of pedals (2003-2006) have been swept up by such bands as Radiohead, The Melvins, Interpol, and others. Don’t let this opportunity to bid on it with absolutely no reserve get away.  These pedals were made by hand at our old location on South 5th St. here in Williamsburg.  


December 1, 2008

All mic’d up and ready to roll…

So as I slowly made my way into the shop this morning, wondering if I already had my third cup of coffee or not, I noticed something new in the drum department. The Kelly “SHU.”  Is this what my band had been looking for ever since our drummer and drum purist refused to put a hole in his front heads?  The answer… it sure f*cking is.

kellyshu2They say that the best designs are the simplist.  Well that’s definitely true with the new Kelly Shu drum mic mount.  With no drilling required it makes it an amazing touring/recording mount for even the most vintage purist in mind.  It utilizes the existing lug mounts to secure the floating shockmount.  You can then pass the mic cable either through the vent hole of your shell, or make a small hole in your head and use a grommet.   Once set up, you are able to have a consistent kick mic placement and sound from gig to gig.  This would be a great piece for venues with a house kit as well since it speeds up set up time between bands.  I say A++ on this one.  

kellyshu1kellyshu3Available in composite for $48 or Aluminum for $98.