I am Garth

The Garth

Hey fellow tragic hipsters! I am Garth, the new Drum guy (ed: a new drum guy – John Fell is still THE drum guy) at Main Drag Music. I will help you with your sonic needs or punch you in the face for being uncool.  But seriously, you guys got any vintage drum kits you wanna sell?!! Give us a call or bring them by! We’ve also got some new ultra knowledgeable staff on board to help you pinpoint whatever ridiculous sound you are looking to make. Cheers and happy fuzzing.


3 Comments to “I am Garth”

  1. if john fell is gone i will be real pissed.

  2. Hey Drum People,

    Garth is seriously right on and is super able and counters my New York born mentality with a laid back, born on the West Coast approach. Ask for him anytime and you’ll get great service.

    And as always, thanks for helping build the drum department to its present glory in just three years. The best is yet to come.


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