SXSW ’09

So once again I am heading down to SXSW to partake in the yearly tradition of playing unpaid shows while trying to stay sober enough to be operable. Lucky for you, I will be blogging about it while drunk and full of BBQ on a live, daily, up-to-date, basis… so stay tuned….

This year I will be playing guitar along side Main Drag Music customer “Tim Williams.” Every year I run into our entire customer base on 6th street in Austin. I will surely be approached again this year as…”HEY! IT’S THE DUDE FROM MAIN DRAG!” Yes, Yes…. indeed I am….

As an added bonus this year they will be having a Vintage Guitar Show at the convention center… pretty amazing! If it didn’t cost me $100 for every extra piece of gear I bring on the plane… I could do some damage down there. Anyway… stay tuned because the next six days will be exciting.



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