Freddy Nightliker//Physical Filter//Telescopic Boundary Mic


Freddy Nightliker, electro-acoustician extrordinaire, is spending evenings perfecting his latestest auditory marvel: the physical filter/telescopic boundary mic.  I decided to journey deep within his hamster hole at the West Nile art space to document what is undeniably history in the making.


The night began with driving in circles in Freddy’s SUV, listening to bubbly synthesizers below an operatic recitation of poetry on what Nightliker called “weird radio.”  After agreeing that we should cover the tune for our next performance, it was time to enter West Nile and get ready to record some live music.


Freddy seemed satisfied with his efforts after about 3 minutes of recording.  Perhaps he will be kind enough to allow me to post what he captured once he has properly Nightlikened the raw material.

-David Morrin


One Comment to “Freddy Nightliker//Physical Filter//Telescopic Boundary Mic”

  1. Freddy Nightliker users a DPA 4061 omidirectional miniature condenser microphone with the BLM4060 boundary microphone accessory. Also other stuff. Otherworldly fluff stuff found around and used for sound.

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