SXSW day three…..

So last night ended up at the most insane lineup ever which included Tori Amos and L.A.’s Steel Panther….. Wow. While backstage i found our ad in the Vice Magazine’s Sxsw picks. Austin’s last call is 1:30am which sucks. We moved the party ti the Marriot pool.

Day three has been another scorcher. I caught the new Columbia ‘it’ band, Glasvegas at Stubb’s. The free tallboys of High Life definitely helped last nights effects blend into the day.

Hopefully tonight I will catch the long awaited Primal Scream show. Stay tuned….


2 Comments to “SXSW day three…..”

  1. Tori Amos, huh? That’s pretty sweet!
    I’m not usually one to correct but I wouldn’t want people to think my city is lame; we can drink until 2am so it’s up to whichever bar to call last drinks. Most serve til 2 but then they will walk up and grab a drink right out your hand once that clock strikes 2.
    That may still be lame, what time can you drink til in Brooklyn? I just may buy a one-way ticket once this weekend is over.

  2. HAHAH…. that did come off lame… and I apologize.

    A: Tori Amos=lame (it was one of many shows that I found myself around due to other industry people needing to be there around me… and the reference was to show how lame it was with a 80’s L.A. hair metal band headlining a show with Tori Amos on the bill)
    B: SXSW allowed us to drink among other things till the weee hours of the morning… though the bars did call last call at 1:30am… not the parties.
    C: You should come to Brooklyn…

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