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November 13, 2009

The Jerry Fuchs Memorial

Jerry’s memorial last night was very beautiful and a vivid, brilliantly shining reminder of just what an awesome man he was. Enid’s was standing-room-only with friends packed around the windows and doors on the sidewalk, and the love of his friends really raised the roof. The fake Jerry mustaches handed out were a stroke of genius, the wall of photos touching, and his family showed a level of strength, dignity, love, and even humor that was incredibly moving. Our hearts go out to them. Jerry would have been honored to see so many people who cared about him so much.

But now it’s time to enjoy the eternal element of Jerry’s music……while he may be gone his work will live as long as the media that that it’s recorded on. We’re all so lucky to have known this guy, but if you’re reading this and didn’t, it’s time to get to know his drumming because it’s in the present tense and unreal-good!!! This was a man who left behind an incredible body of work, so get busy! Buy, download, share, youtube, whatever, but make sure that you listen to what this incredible musician has given the world, spread the word, and know that his musical legacy lives in perpetuity.