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November 20, 2009

Gretsch Visits Main Drag

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of taking John Palmer and Paul Cooper, Product Manager and Production Manager, respectively, through the store. We checked out drums of all kinds and talked for quite a while. For Main Drag, being a Gretsch dealer is an honor and almost a responsibility given the rich, New York history of the company as well as the specifically Brooklyn element – That Great Gretsch Sound was conjured right down the street!

I deal with a lot of drum companies on a lot of different levels, but what amazes me about these guys is that in spite of the magnitude of the Gretsch legacy, as well as the present size of the company, they were both extremely hands on and in touch with the real world of drums, drummers, and music gear stores. Every new brand of drum that we sell has a long history and a story of its own. The legacy of Gretsch is in very good hands with these two guys.