Crafty and Cool Drum Repairs

We’ve been getting a lot more repairs through the store, and we’re starting to get pretty crafty. Pictured here is Norman Westberg, God-Like Guitarist and Drum Repair Tech (go figure) laying up an extra ply on a seriously shattered bass drum hoop. The repaired spot was stiffer than the rest of the hoop, and the original integrity of the set was maintained.
Another cool trick we pulled off was on a major shell ding on a beautiful old Round Badge, Gretsch Silver Sparkle bass drum. After the fracture was fixed, we were left with some some collateral damage in the form of a drilled hole. Doweling with a maple dowel took care of the hole, but we left it just below the finish of the wrap and built it up with epoxy mixed with some Silver Sparkle shavings. This was brought up close to the surface plane, and then finished with a very thin layer of epoxy in the hole to build it up to the surface. It’s really hard to tell that there was a hole!
Repairs like these aren’t ridiculously expensive because we enjoy doing them. Got a weird drum or hardware repair? Challenge us with it!

Old World Craftsman Norman Westberg


4 Comments to “Crafty and Cool Drum Repairs”

  1. Is this the pilot for the new season of The New Yankee Drumkit?

  2. very cool blog post. id love to see some pics of the dowel// epoxy repair!

    • I wish I had taken some. Definitely will next time. I will say thought that from the player’s position you could not see a 3/16″ hole at all. Looking closer it became visible, but looked more like a dent or imperfection in the finish. Definitely going to work on this some more.

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