Exotic Electronics

Whether it’s all-in-one loop recorders, ethereal drone oscillators, masochistic fuzz machines, classic etherwave-theremins or one of our vintage analog synthesizers. We are one of the few places where you can find them all. Be sure to stop by and check out these otherworldly oddities.

Critter and Guitari Sound Recording Box

Switch it on and it starts playing from the beginning. Press the top button to begin a new recording. Press again to end. A new track is added and the recording begins to play in a loop. Use the volume and speed/direction knobs to manipulate the sound. Additionally there is a button to change the speed control from continuous to stepped (locked into 15 steps along the harmonic series). With the left and right buttons you can skip to all the other recorded tracks.


Skychord Electronics – King Capitol Punishment

Utopia Synth

The Utopia Synth consists of four square wave oscillators grouped into two sets. Within each set one is the modulator and the other is a modulated (main) oscillator. Chaotic inter-modulation between the oscillator pairs create deep exploding sideband frequencies the utopia synth delivers a versatile and wide ranging tapestry of sounds from harmonic bliss to cacaphonic terror. Get ready to unleash super huge dreamy drones or drastic painful nightmares of absolute noise, all with the flick of a switch.


Sleepdrone5 is a four oscillator drone machine. Each oscillator features discrete output, pitch tuning, pitch range selection, volume level, added tweak bus feature, on/off control,. The output of the oscillators are summed together and inter-(ring)modulated into a fifth “mix out” with master volume control.



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