Dog Days Sale Pics

The First Annual Main Drag Dog Days of Summer Sale kicked off on Saturday with a bang. Piled out on the street were more drum cases and bags than you could count, loads of cool old 1/2 track and 1/4 track machines, loose drums, even a mechanically and electronically challenged Hammond.  It was really great seeing all of the new faces that had never been in the store and some who’d never even been to our fine neighborhood. Karl did his usual awesome job at the grill and no one left hungry.

The Sale is store wide and lasts until next Saturday the 28th. Come on down and score something that you’ve been putting off, or grab some cool old piece of gear for parts that you’ve needed for a while. We’ve got all sorts of stuff piled up and it’s seriously on the cheap.  There’s a pair of Ludwig Tympani for about $750.00…………

Here are some photos:

Loads of new faces….

Oliver finally got his new cymbals….

Dave even dropped by….

Tada and David working the registers….

TJ looking very serious….

Paul and Garrett discussing band-aids and burgers…..

Karl whipping up a fine barbecue….

Todd with his new collagen implants….

And the next generation!


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