The last few weeks have seen a bunch of awesome drum sets go out onto the floor.  We had a blast cleaning up a bunch of really beautiful tubs; Norman Westberg has been out on tour so Shanna White has been kicking some serious ass preparing all of these sets.  I’m not sure I remember a time when we had so many unique drums out on the floor and there are a few more on their way.

A few highlights of some of the new arrivals as well as a few that have been here a while include:

Ludwig Vistalite Pattern A in red white and blue, appropriately from 1976 called The Spirit of ’76. The shells are pretty darn nice and clean with a little bit of scuffing but overall really nice.

Taye Birch Studio 10/12/16/20/6.5×13 in some wacky blue sparkle wrap.  These drums are unplayed but being sold as  used, if that makes any sense. The snare was used for a session but the bass and toms were still in the original factory packaging.

Ludwig Element kit in 12/16/20/5.5×14 with a Tobacco Fade Lacquer.  New. The bass drum on this set is about as deep/long as a battleship gun and sounds like one too.

Slingerland 13/14/18/24/5×14 in Gunmetal Gray, circa 1977. Beautiful set for the rocker in the house. Warm, loud, and punchy.

Slingerland 15/20/26 (yes, those sizes are correct) BMP in really nice shape. These drums belonged to my dear friend Jerry Fuchs and the fact the he played them will make you a better drummer, I swear. Awesome set with a profound provenance.

Slingerland 13/16/22 in Blue Agate circa 1968.  This all around sized set is nearly mint.  Really beautiful.

Ludwig 12/13/16/24 Rock Machine in Brushed Silver, circa 1984. Last of the B/O badges here and it’s basically a Big Beat with 24″ BD. Nice sounding rock set.  We put CS’s on it and it just sounds right.

Slingerland 12/14/20, WMP, circa 1963. Aside from being really clean THESE DRUMS SOUND UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!  And they have a bit of a history themselves……

Soon to go out on the floor:

Ludwig 12/13/16/22/5×14 Pattern E Vistalite in a very Argentinian blue and white……Pablo Araganaraz approved. The bass drum has a crack across the top that was professionally repaired at some point, but I give it my stamp of approval.  These drums are rare, AND they have the matching snare which is VERY rare.

Ludwig 12/16/20 in a nicely mojo’d WMP, circa 1961. Some still have the original heads!

Come on over and check these out, and thanks to all of you who’ve helped make the Drum Department amazing.

Have a great holiday,

John Fell


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