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December 18, 2010

Seasons Greetings and an Update

Merry Christmas from Dean, Ashley, and Chromey!

As most of you know, we here at Main Drag had a very unique instrument that we sold a while back – a unique drum set  that was owned by a unique guy and bought by one as well. Well, what I’m talking about is Neil Peart’s old 2112 drums.  Here’s the story:

The auction was a blast.  We met all sorts of Neil/Rush obsessed enthusiasts and a guy named Dean Bobisud was the one who won the auction.  He drove in from Chicago with a friend and his awesome daughter and brought the drums back to Chicago where they underwent a major clean up and restoration.  Then the hard part began. The matching hardware, cymbals and percussion had to be sourced and purchased which is no mean feat for a 36 year old set.

Dean decided to take the kit back on the road where it had already spent a great deal of time and raise money for the American Cancer Society.  People can pay to play the set!  And they do! We’re proud to have sold the set to the right guy!  This just doesn’t get any better. Here’s another story:

Dean sent us this pic and we want to share it with you.  Happy Holidays from MDM!!  John