Join us at the Brooklyn Bowl Guitar Show!

This Sunday is the first annual Brooklyn Springtime Guitar Show! It’s being held at Brooklyn Bowl. It’s a buy, sell, and trade guitar-fest that will feature many vendors bringing in awesome stuff from their stores to show off and to sell. There will be guitars, more guitars, basses, amps, effect pedals, accessory type stuff, and all other sorts of guitar-related goodness. We’ll be there for sure with a kickin’ set-up of our own– we’ll have two pedal boards hooked up through headphones both with bad-ass guitars for you to try our stuff on. The pedalboards will feature DEATH BY AUDIO, Team Awesome!, Earthquaker Devices, Pigtronix, Stigtronix, and of course Electro Harmonix, all hooked up together and ready to go. It’s a great chance to sit down and pound on a bunch of our effect pedals back to back to back. We’re also gonna be showcasing Critter & Guitari, and a grab bag of vintage tubes with a tube tester right there on hand. The show encourages you to bring in your own gear to sell and trade as well and that’s very cool, it starts at 12pm, it’s totally free to attend, all ages from noon to 6pm and 21+ after 6pm. We’re very excited about it, what an amazing way to hang out this Sunday and all right on our street between N 11th and N 12th, such props to DJ Uncle Mike & Lisa Sharken for putting this guitar gala together, see you there!


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