Make Music NY Pictures

Thank you to everyone who turned out yesterday to celebrate Make Music NY with us. We had an awesome time hosting great bands and blasting sweet rock & roll tunes into the night (we were told you could hear our show from Metropolitan and Bedford!) Check out photos of the day’s events right here: 

A special thanks goes out to the bands: John Hovorka, The Fleishmen, The Live Ones, Hard Nips, Jimmy Ohio, and Sweet Diesel!

Karl Meyers, John Fell, and Norman Westberg as The Fleishmen


5 Comments to “Make Music NY Pictures”

  1. westberg and fell together? should have announced. and sweet deisel. shame on you guys for keeping a secret. pretty historical.

  2. Anyone record this?

  3. Hank Fury, is that you?/! Pretty historical is a bit of a stretch, but sharing a stage or sidewalk with these two is an honor to be sure. I was more than rusty………corroded would be a better word.

    And no Alison, I don’t think any of the day was recorded.


  4. The drummer bears a striking resemblance to that famous french drummer, John LaFell from Paris Arkansas, though I had heard that he was involved in a tragic double pedal incident.

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