Rare Brooklyn made Oliver head

Today in the amp shop we came across a rare Oliver P500 head. Oliver amps were the company of Jess Oliver after he left Ampeg. At Ampeg he was the father of the portaflex and many other ideas, most of which he never patented like channel switching.  Oliver had some great sounding products, all well made. This head was made in Brooklyn and to my surprise I found a huge error at the factory. The output is a pair of 7027 tubes but on one of the tube sockets, the screen grid resistor was connected to the wrong pin. This tube would have never run all these years. In push pull operation; the other 7027 would have passed the audio, always making the output harsh, dirty and underpowered. After a good cleaning and changing two filter caps this head came to life, Loud and clear as hell.

One Comment to “Rare Brooklyn made Oliver head”

  1. that’s awesome! it’s great to see these lesser known heads pop up, especially something so local! crazy fix too, it’s nuts that something like that could get by from the factory, good catch!

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