Gibson Electric Bass

Better known as the EB 1 as it was renamed when reissued in the 60’s, this the real deal – a 1957 to be exact.  Gibson needed to separate its electric bass from the large shadow cast by the success of Fender’s Precision bass, and this is what they came up with.

*ATTN Zeppelin nerds (Ricky) – Spin the picture wheel on III, yes the vinyl, and the EB will appear.  This was allegedly the only Gibson bass that JPJ would play, due to it’s ruggedness and tendency to not flubb out.

Moving on, a solid body bass, with false f-holes, banjo tuners, made to look like an upright.  The 50’s EB even had a telescoping end pin.  This EB is in such great shape, you rarely get to see the originals.  It even has the original case…


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