The 1950’s Magnatone’s Have Arrived !!

We have three 50’s Magnatone amplifiers for sale. The small one is a 1954 Varsity model 108. This Varsity Is in mint condition, sounds great and is all original. It blows away any tweed champ, for real. The middle one is a late 50’s Troubadour model 112. The Troubadour is very similar to the fender 5E3, but half the price, and honestly more classy. The big maggie, and a rare one, is a 1955 Maestro 150. This is an amp shop favorite. With the original Jensen 15 inch speaker and the 5881’s, this amp is full of warm clean tones. When cranked it just destroys and is incredibly rich. The Maestro is a secret weapon in many of the top Nashville studios.


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