Almost 50 Killer New/Used/Vintage Drum Sets….

…..are all out on the floor here. We’ve got some killer sets here right now and it changes fast, so come on down and check one out. We’ve been trying to get in a bunch of less expensive players’ kits that are long on sound but a little easier on the wallet. Of course we’ll continue to offer high end new/used/vintage drumsets, but kits that sound good and have lots of mojo and vibe are great to take on tour or to clubs even if they don’t win any beauty contests. But as with any drum set we sell they’ve been gone over carefully, the edges have been checked, hardware lubed and threads checked, had heads replaced, and finally, set up and tuned so you don’t have to worry about them.  Presently there are a couple of Slingy’s and Ludwigs, and a big shelled Tama kit soon to hit that fit this bill and should hit the floor at well under $1000.  A great drummer on a set of beaters that sound amazing is way cooler than a mediocre drummer on the latest, high-tech shells and hardware.

And if you’ve got an older set that needs this sort of work, Norman and I are devoting more days a week to repair in order to get your job turned around quickly. Most repairs that come in early in the week are out within a few business days. Also, we’ve been doing more wrap-jobs, so if the old beater kit that sounds good needs a facelift, bring it by.  And don’t forget our Snare Drum Special.

All the best from 32,000 feet, somewhere in the skies between New York and New Orleans. This internet-in-the-sky thing is cool. John

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