Here’s something to check out that you’re not likely to see anytime soon — a set of Smoke Gray Tivoli Vistalites!  Click on the image to see them in all their glory. Almost all Tivoli’s are a color combination called Tequila Sunrise and these babies are rare as hell in this finish.  Yes, there are lights inside!  Very Studio 54!  The sizes are the classic Big Beat configuration which is 8×12, 9×13, 16×16, 14×22, and 5×14.

Norman and I got into the task of rewiring them and replacing a transformer and they look unbelievably cool in the dark.  There’s a switch on top of the bass drum that lights everything off, and I can’t imagine that there’s anyone in any size audience wouldn’t notice just how badass this set is when the drummer hits the switch.

They’re priced at a very reasonable $3200 as they’re both unbelievably cool and also very collectible.  We’ve seen the more common Tequila Sunrise kits selling for lots more.



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