Drum and Cymbal Testing Room

We finally finished it. It’s stocked with a bunch of new Paistes (finally), Zildjians, Sabians, Istanbuls, Supernaturals, and many more. Not to mention hundreds of used and vintage cymbals of all sizes, styles, and prices soon to be located just outside the door of the room!

But the cymbals are only part of the room’s cool factor.  As you can see from the pics, we put in a new Ludwig Clubdate kit so that you can check out a potential cymbal purchase with a kit in a nice, tuned, sonically isolated environment. No more dirty looks from the guys at the register trying to talk on the phone!  Since we opened it up a few days ago there’ve been lots and lots of players checking it out. And it’s a great space for seeing how a snare drum works with a kit, or a bass drum pedal.  Or maybe you want to check out the kit itself.  Over time we’ll be rotating drumsets in and out of there to keep things fresh and to give new sets a chance to be tried out.

We’re really psyched about this so come on down and check it out!



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