Um. This is awesome.

The cleanest Supro Thunderbolt anyone has ever seen.  I stared at the Chicago-made Jensen 15″ speaker for about five minutes because I could not believe it was original.  This thunderbolt, WITH the tube rectifier, looks like it came off the line and was transported to our sales floor and the SOUND of this amplifier is everything you’d want out of one of these.  I haven’t heard a better one, but you should see/hear for yourself.  The way it’s priced, this beautiful beast won’t last long either.

Next to it is a Pre CBS, true blackface FENDER ELECTRIC Deluxe Reverb. Very early (non logo) ’65.  What can I say about this amp that hasn’t been said – it is one of the Holy Grail amps.  That is indisputable.  If you are disputing, I no listen. We can’t be friends.


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