It all starts today.

I got in to the store this morning to find miles tables set up and a crew of our finest tidying up and getting ready.  Is it a wedding? A banquet?  What the hell’s going on?  Those of you who’ve been paying attention know that today is the day that the Stompbox Expo starts.  Currently there are a million and one pedals set up on the snazzy, royal blue tableclothed surfaces all wired up and just waiting to be played.  And it won’t sound like the center of guitars with a bunch of dudes shredding – we’re trying to offer a little privacy in the form of amp simulators and headphones. So you won’t need Advil after an hour in the store.

Now I may be a drummer, but this is the sickest and hugest collection of pedals I have ever seen in one place. COME ON DOWN!!!!  Bring your guitar or try one of ours and check some of this stuff out. Image


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