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January 26, 2013

Come on over to the new

So fellow travellers, this is the end of the blog here – we’ve set up shop at our brand new site –

We’re adding new stock by the minute, but there’s a pretty good selection to peruse now, so come on over!

Thanks a ton to all the folks who have followed us here, and see you at the new place….

Screen shot 2013-01-25 at 9.41.59 AM

January 13, 2013

Antigua Party



Here are a few examples of Fender’s rare Antigua finish. Apparently introduced to cover the burn marks from repairs to the binding on the then-new Coronado model, it was enough of a hit to be brought back every so often on select models. Now you know!

Left to right we have a 1978 Precision Bass, a 1968 Coronado II, and a 1979 Stratocaster.

January 11, 2013

The New Contact Mics Are Here! The New Contact Mics Are Here!

there have been many phone calls in the last couple of weeks.  Many of you have been wondering if we were getting in a new shipment of Cryptic contact mics. Some of you have been wondering if they even really existed.  Alas, they do exist, and, they were actually on their way.  Wait no longer and come get ’em while they are still here.tmp_share-1

December 31, 2012


Our new hours are, Monday – Saturday  11AM – 8PM and Sunday  11AM – 7PM.  Bushwick supply will still be open till 11PM if you need anything after 8PM.

…and for something to look at, a 1975 Mustang


December 26, 2012

We’re back in business.

Christmas was awesome, we’re all feeling full, and we’re back at it. C’mon down.

December 23, 2012

Christmas Eve…..

….is a time when we can expect most businesses to close early, and we’re no exception.  At 5:00pm we’ll all trudge off through the snow to warm fireplaces, cup a snifter of brandy, light a pipe, and sing Bing Crosby tunes. Or not. But we do wish you a really, really happy holiday.

December 17, 2012

Closing Early Today/Viking Party 12.17.12

We will be closing at 7p.m. today (12.17.12)  for our Holiday Party! Come by and get all your goodies before then! We will go back to our regular hours tomorrow. Here’s a photo of a party of Vikings from Sweden. PARTY ON!Image

December 4, 2012


That’s right.  Critter and Guitari have a new addition to the family – it’s cute, but a total beast of a bass synth.  16 keys (1 octave + 4 notes + it’s midi so you can use a controller and get whatever you want out of it = come play one).

It has a Kaleidoloop™ – style recording/sequence function that not only records what you keyed, it records knob positions – even if you do a sweep while playing, it will play it back exactly as recorded.

Come get them while they are still here!p20121204-124332

critter and guitower synthbot.

critter and guitower synthbot.



November 26, 2012

Vox Sidewinder IV

It’s been a blast having a couple of these guys in the shop recently. They’ve got tiny necks that are super fast and a headstock you could paddle upstream with. The built-in tuner is a neat feature, but the active treble/bass boost circuit is a really powerful tone-shaping tool. The distortion on this guy is one of the best bass fuzz/distortion sounds you can find. From the 1968 catalog:

“A brilliant all new 4-string double cutaway electric acoustic bass guitar. Has built in G tuner, distortion booster, treble and bass booster. All new easy-to-fret fast-neck with the Vox double T-bar and adjustable steel rod. Two exclusive VOX Ferro-Sonic pickups. Fully adjustable bridge. One volume, two tone controls, 3-position pickup selector switch. Jumbo chrome plated machine heads. Sunburst or Cherry.”

November 23, 2012

Just in case you were wondering….

….we’re open!!


(As there seems to be some confusion, it seemed like a good idea to say so.)