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January 11, 2013

The New Contact Mics Are Here! The New Contact Mics Are Here!

there have been many phone calls in the last couple of weeks.  Many of you have been wondering if we were getting in a new shipment of Cryptic contact mics. Some of you have been wondering if they even really existed.  Alas, they do exist, and, they were actually on their way.  Wait no longer and come get ’em while they are still here.tmp_share-1

December 4, 2012


That’s right.  Critter and Guitari have a new addition to the family – it’s cute, but a total beast of a bass synth.  16 keys (1 octave + 4 notes + it’s midi so you can use a controller and get whatever you want out of it = come play one).

It has a Kaleidoloop™ – style recording/sequence function that not only records what you keyed, it records knob positions – even if you do a sweep while playing, it will play it back exactly as recorded.

Come get them while they are still here!p20121204-124332

critter and guitower synthbot.

critter and guitower synthbot.



October 5, 2012


Um. This is awesome.

The cleanest Supro Thunderbolt anyone has ever seen.  I stared at the Chicago-made Jensen 15″ speaker for about five minutes because I could not believe it was original.  This thunderbolt, WITH the tube rectifier, looks like it came off the line and was transported to our sales floor and the SOUND of this amplifier is everything you’d want out of one of these.  I haven’t heard a better one, but you should see/hear for yourself.  The way it’s priced, this beautiful beast won’t last long either.

Next to it is a Pre CBS, true blackface FENDER ELECTRIC Deluxe Reverb. Very early (non logo) ’65.  What can I say about this amp that hasn’t been said – it is one of the Holy Grail amps.  That is indisputable.  If you are disputing, I no listen. We can’t be friends.

June 25, 2012

More Paul

so many great Les Pauls in at the moment.

(L to R)

1990 Les Paul Studio that has aged like an old custom

2005 Les Paul Standard with a nice “plus” top

In the year 2000 : They made a limited edition Les Paul Deluxe that will destroy your life.

1985 ’58 Les Paul PRE historic reissue.  Amazing.

1991 40th Anniversary Les Paul with P-100s.  A beautiful guitar with production limited to 300.

’00 Les Paul Classic with some pickup upgrades: A JB in the bridge position and an Antiquity in the neck position.


Long live Les.

April 30, 2012

brass beauties

Wow.  These Vemuram pedals just came through and they are nothing short of spectacular. The brass enclosure exudes a kind of rugged beauty, doesn’t it?

visit their site here for the detailed info.

As tested, from left to right:

Neoplex – super limited run of pedals to maybe 100.  This has deadstock transistors from an EP3 Echoplex.  It is probably the most formidable boost pedal  I’ve ever played.  Plug in and it sounds like an echoplex, just without the repeats.

Karen – This has Marshall written all over it.  Really nice and tight overdrive, without all the compression.  Very harmonically rich as you turn the gain up.  Think 50 watt Plexi/JTM 45 sounds.

Rage e – This is a higher gain pedal. Marshall-esque with a little Bogner, perhaps?  Still very articulate while being gainy – very musical, with a punch it up to the next level boost thrown in for good measure.

Jan Ray – This is my personal favorite.  It sounds and reacts like a turned up blackface Fender amp.  More specifically, a Super Reverb.  This is a superior drive pedal to pretty much anything I’ve stacked up against it.  The bass response is so superb that even bass players are using this thing.  Like the rest of its family remains articulate even at its highest gain.

All of these pedals have a small trim pot that controls the gain range.  Very useful for tailoring your sound accurately.

If you’re ready for the best pedals in their class, then these are for you.


April 27, 2012

Happy 15th!

We’re celebrating our 15 year anniversary with a weekend long 10 percent off sale!  10 percent off everything?  Yes, 10 percent off everything.  Starting today, Friday 4/27 til Sunday 4/29.  Stop by and pick up all the things you’ve been putting off.

Thanks for keeping us around for the last 15 years and beyond!


April 23, 2012


A mean sounding 1979 Stratocaster finished in Antigua AND a 1968 Coronado.  Two great examples of a pretty interesting finish choice.  So cool.Image

April 9, 2012

Sound off like you’ve got a pair


We just got in a ’68 Gibson ES-345 that is nothing short of amazing.  The early patent number pickups are tasty – this guitar can do anything you want and is such a pleasure to play.  I try not to play favorites and all, but it’s my new favorite.

Check out that ’63 Bassman that’s parked beside it.  It’s just sitting there with a matching 212 – no big deal.  Two bad machines.

March 20, 2012


The Sola Sound MKII Tonebender. If you know it (you should), you love it.  These very special, very powerful, very handsome repros were made by our friend Chris right here in NY. Housed in a custom, rugged casing, the handmade circuit contains mostly NOS parts. Germanium. Germanium – I love that word. New electrolytics, really beautiful wiring. Nice job on these Chris, the circuit is beautiful.  Peeps, lovers of the tonebender. The need to check out this fuzz is greater than you realize.  Two of us already snatched a couple for ourselves.  Ask for the LIC Professional MKII.  Yeeow.

March 13, 2012

At Mars. Oof.

This amp is what they all should sound like. If you like the sound of old transformers and tubes, this is for you. Think Neil Young. Think Angus Young. Just play this amp. Tony of At Mars Amps has really done something special – we do not get blown away by new amps easily(ever), this thing slayyys. Come check one out. 6v6 power tubes, 6sl7 octal pre in this one.  We’ll also take orders for any version you would like.