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June 25, 2012

More Paul

so many great Les Pauls in at the moment.

(L to R)

1990 Les Paul Studio that has aged like an old custom

2005 Les Paul Standard with a nice “plus” top

In the year 2000 : They made a limited edition Les Paul Deluxe that will destroy your life.

1985 ’58 Les Paul PRE historic reissue.  Amazing.

1991 40th Anniversary Les Paul with P-100s.  A beautiful guitar with production limited to 300.

’00 Les Paul Classic with some pickup upgrades: A JB in the bridge position and an Antiquity in the neck position.


Long live Les.

May 5, 2012


The centerpiece of this photo is this 60’s Slingerland kit rewrapped in purple sparkle.  Truly a great sounding, awesome looking little kit.  *Bonus* It’s under a grand.

Flanked by the sweetest Coronet (1965) I’ve ever played and a gorgeous example of a Crestwood custom (1966).  Check out the tailpiece on the custom.  ImageImageImage

April 30, 2012

brass beauties

Wow.  These Vemuram pedals just came through and they are nothing short of spectacular. The brass enclosure exudes a kind of rugged beauty, doesn’t it?

visit their site here for the detailed info.

As tested, from left to right:

Neoplex – super limited run of pedals to maybe 100.  This has deadstock transistors from an EP3 Echoplex.  It is probably the most formidable boost pedal  I’ve ever played.  Plug in and it sounds like an echoplex, just without the repeats.

Karen – This has Marshall written all over it.  Really nice and tight overdrive, without all the compression.  Very harmonically rich as you turn the gain up.  Think 50 watt Plexi/JTM 45 sounds.

Rage e – This is a higher gain pedal. Marshall-esque with a little Bogner, perhaps?  Still very articulate while being gainy – very musical, with a punch it up to the next level boost thrown in for good measure.

Jan Ray – This is my personal favorite.  It sounds and reacts like a turned up blackface Fender amp.  More specifically, a Super Reverb.  This is a superior drive pedal to pretty much anything I’ve stacked up against it.  The bass response is so superb that even bass players are using this thing.  Like the rest of its family remains articulate even at its highest gain.

All of these pedals have a small trim pot that controls the gain range.  Very useful for tailoring your sound accurately.

If you’re ready for the best pedals in their class, then these are for you.


December 28, 2011

Fully stocked with vintage Fenders

At the moment we have an impressive stock of cool vintage Fender guitars & basses to suit any taste.  Broncos, Mustangs, Bullets, P-Basses, Teles, and more.  Here is a photo of just a taste of what we have.  Take one of these in the soundroom and it will be hard not to walk home with a “new” Fender.

December 22, 2011

Guitars? We have some.

Special notes:
* ’58 Gibson ES-175
* ’58 Gibson ES-225
* ’57 Gibson EB-1
* ’60 Gibson ES-125
* ’68 Fender Bronco in Fiesta Red
* ’74 Fender Mustang
* ’75 Fender Telecaster Bass
* ’79 Fender Stratocaster in Antigua

A big thanks to our friends and followers for another great year. Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday.

With Love,
Main Drag Music

November 21, 2011

Brother from another Mother

Check out these players pieces!  Two awesome Japanese imports that are much better guitars than the price would let on.  One is a 70’s lawsuit SG copy for $400 and the other is a ’84 Yamaha SBG 200 for $300.   

January 11, 2011

Just in… Fano JM6 in Shoreline Gold!

A Fano JM6 just arrived.  A Jazzmaster/Les Paul hybrid that plays incredibly well.  Come check it out.

January 5, 2011

Just in… Fender Guitars… MIJ ’66 Jaguar RI… MIM Telecaster

Fender “Made in Japan” ’66 Jaguar from 1995 in Candy Apple Red and a 2007 Standard Telecaster in Midnight Blue.  Just arrived.

December 29, 2010

1987 Guild JF-50 Jumbo Acoustic

Excellent condition Guild jumbo with awesome looking rosewood back and sides.  Just came in.

December 29, 2010

Epiphone Semi-Hollows – 1967 Riviera and a “Dot”

Two semi-hollowbodies in the recently arrived section.  Your choice – a vintage 1967 Riviera or a recent “Dot.”