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May 9, 2012

Something’s happening at Main Drag……

Can you see the look of imminent change in these fine Main Draggers’ eyes? Ricky might even have vodka or gin in that glass in celebration, who knows? Adam’s looking joyous, and the New Guy (who’s fitting right in) is looking like he knows a secret.  Hint: They’re  psyched because it’s going to be a lot quieter in the store. And a firm no to the idea that less noise will actually be made at the store, it’ll just be contained a lot better.





And here’s another hint in the form of a photo.  What could Main Drag Founder Karl Myers possibly be doing in that gray room?  Is he working on his staining skills? Faux finishing a wall to look rustic?  He’s got crazy finishing skills already, and the barn look really doesn’t really mesh with our aesthetic………hmmmmmm. Give up yet?



Since you’ve read this far, you might as well know that we’re building a drum and cymbal testing room located back in drumland. The room will have tuned walls, new carpet, mood lighting, blacklight posters of Spanish galleons, busty dragon slayers bearing broad swords……actually no decor to speak of, but more importantly, most if not all of our cymbal stock will be arranged neatly and provocatively in there. And there’ll be a drumset of fairly neutral size so that jazzers, rockers, beats players, and all else will be able to try out cymbals, snare drums, bass drum pedals, thrones, etc. with a set in a nice sounding, comfortable room. It’ll be awesome, and look for it to be done in about a week.

Also awesome is the fact that we’ve got lots of new drumsets in with more on their way from Ludwig, DW, Gretsch, and more cymbals from Sabian, Zildjian, Istanbul, and newcomer Paiste (finally). And if you don’t see it, we can order it at prices matching the Center of Six-Stringed Instruments. And all of this in addition to our always cool selection of used and vintage gear. Look for more updates as the date gets closer.




April 26, 2012

Lots of New Gretsch Arrivals

We’ve gotten in a ton of new, used, and vintage Gretsch kits in the last few weeks bringing us to 11 on the store. This pile happens to include one of the new Brooklyn sets and a few Brooklyn snares. They’re fantastic sounding, great looking, and the prices are really spot on. Most of you probably know that Brooklyn was the home for Gretsch for about 90 years and their pride in these drums runs deep. The shells are 6 ply American maple and poplar, and sport 3mm double flanged hoops in a bit of a throwback to Gretsch’s pre-diecast hoop days. The resulting combination is warm and punchy and a little rounder sounding than the traditional Gretsch shell/hoop combo. And for all of you retro-grouches, the badging tastefully harkens back to the hallowed Round Badge. These drums are fantastic, and look for more here soon.

Also in the lineup are some new USA Custom drums including a gorgeous 12/14/18/4×14 bop kit with Pratt Mufflers in the bass drum on both heads, and mufflers on the batter and resonant of the toms. The snare has a single muffler on the batter. This kit is built up to be as faithful to old Gretsch drums as possible. I tried to order them with the Round Badges that they used on the 125th Anniversary kits but no dice.

There are also a few Catalina Clubs, one of our most popular inexpensive kits, and a couple of used and vintage bebop kits as well as 12/14/22 used Catalina birch set.  And the blue glitter fade lacquer on the Renowns looks incredible. Hard to believe that these drums are priced where they are, and they too, sound fantastic. And just wait for more USA Customs to arrive.

We’re serious about ramping our stock of new sets – we’ve been listening to you. Look for more new Ludwigs soon, and we’re bringing in a bunch of DW sets as well. But don’t worry, we’re still obsessed with used and vintage drums and we’re always looking for more.

And one last thing: We’re working on a major improvement/addition to experience of trying out drums and cymbals here so stay tuned!


February 6, 2012

The Way To End A Week

There is no better way to end a workweek then to restore a shortwave radio.  A customer brought in this Zenith Trans-Oceanic that was bought new by his grandfather. Bringing this Zenith back to life put me in a space to make good decisions all weekend. Saturday I canceled cable TV and got a paper subscription to the NY Times. Sunday I got out the scientific calculator and worked on a power supply I’ve been designing.  Those cheesy repair nerd T-shirts and stickers on E bay have it right, tubes rule.


February 1, 2012

Not your Standard Fuzz… but it could be

We’ve got a vintage Ibanez Standard Fuzz, plug it into a Fender and some reverb and get all Black Keys! What a great fuzz sound… We’ve also come into some used Death By Audio pedals, there are some wild noisemakers for a lot less than new, come try them out and give your eardrums a workout!

January 25, 2012


We just got in three really great ones.
The one in Lake Placid Blue is a parts body with a USA Stratocaster neck and two Curtis Novak pickups.  It’s a roller too, honey…
Next is a CIJ Jazzmaster in Mary Kay.  No explanation necessary there.
Finally, Ol’ swamp thing.  It is a ’64 body with a nice 60’s C shape neck, a Novak bridge pickup and a Duncan Hot in the neck position.
Come check ’em out.

January 20, 2012

New shipment of Supernaturals Cymbals!

We touched on this a little while ago, but we just got a new shipment so ALARM! ALARM! ALARM!

If any of you drummers (or drummer friendly folk) have been in our drum shop recently, you may have noticed our the new turkish cymbal line we’re now carrying, Supernaturals Cymbals.  These are a great handcrafted turkish cymbal that aren’t a shot to your wallet.

We’re carrying two of their lines in stock right now, Diamond Drive and Heritage.  We can, of course, get any of their lines by special order.

Supernaturals Diamond Drive cymbals are very crisp, clean and have great sustain.  The Heritage line are raw, dry and complex.

We just received a new batch and currently have:

Diamond Drive

16″, 17″, 18″ and 19″ Crashes

21″ and 22″ Rides

Heritage Line

16″, 18″ and 20″ Crashes

22″ Rides

We also have 13″ and 14″ Hi Hats in the Diamond Drive line and 14″ Hi Hats in the Heritage Line

Come check these awesome cymbals out before we sell out!

January 20, 2012


three glorious hiwatts – one for every size, one for every stage.
From top to bottom:
an SA 2×12 with reverb
’77 Custom 50
’80s C30R

You may not be playing Leeds, but you can sure as shit sound like it.

January 17, 2012

Is he local?

Check out Fred Armisen in Maxim! Fred, you’re welcome in Brooklandia anytime. When’s the Trenchmouth reunion??

January 14, 2012

Vintage Jenco Vibraphone

We have a beautiful set of vintage Jenco Vibes (also known as “vibrabells” in the early days of Jenco) on our floor right now.  A 2.5 octave from C-F with 1.5″ x 0.5″ Aluminum bars, a perfect size for the space conscious New Yorker.  The motor is in awesome condition and they sound amazing.  With a Black Diamond Pearl finish, these will be a great addition to someone’s studio or music project.

January 13, 2012

Greco Thunderbird

This thing is amazing!!!  Not only do we see very few of these, but this one plays especially great and has a very hot pickup in it that makes it scream.  We always love seeing Japanese made Greco copies come through shop and I’m sure this one won’t last long.  Come check it out before its gone!