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December 4, 2012


That’s right.  Critter and Guitari have a new addition to the family – it’s cute, but a total beast of a bass synth.  16 keys (1 octave + 4 notes + it’s midi so you can use a controller and get whatever you want out of it = come play one).

It has a Kaleidoloop™ – style recording/sequence function that not only records what you keyed, it records knob positions – even if you do a sweep while playing, it will play it back exactly as recorded.

Come get them while they are still here!p20121204-124332

critter and guitower synthbot.

critter and guitower synthbot.



May 9, 2012

Something’s happening at Main Drag……

Can you see the look of imminent change in these fine Main Draggers’ eyes? Ricky might even have vodka or gin in that glass in celebration, who knows? Adam’s looking joyous, and the New Guy (who’s fitting right in) is looking like he knows a secret.  Hint: They’re  psyched because it’s going to be a lot quieter in the store. And a firm no to the idea that less noise will actually be made at the store, it’ll just be contained a lot better.





And here’s another hint in the form of a photo.  What could Main Drag Founder Karl Myers possibly be doing in that gray room?  Is he working on his staining skills? Faux finishing a wall to look rustic?  He’s got crazy finishing skills already, and the barn look really doesn’t really mesh with our aesthetic………hmmmmmm. Give up yet?



Since you’ve read this far, you might as well know that we’re building a drum and cymbal testing room located back in drumland. The room will have tuned walls, new carpet, mood lighting, blacklight posters of Spanish galleons, busty dragon slayers bearing broad swords……actually no decor to speak of, but more importantly, most if not all of our cymbal stock will be arranged neatly and provocatively in there. And there’ll be a drumset of fairly neutral size so that jazzers, rockers, beats players, and all else will be able to try out cymbals, snare drums, bass drum pedals, thrones, etc. with a set in a nice sounding, comfortable room. It’ll be awesome, and look for it to be done in about a week.

Also awesome is the fact that we’ve got lots of new drumsets in with more on their way from Ludwig, DW, Gretsch, and more cymbals from Sabian, Zildjian, Istanbul, and newcomer Paiste (finally). And if you don’t see it, we can order it at prices matching the Center of Six-Stringed Instruments. And all of this in addition to our always cool selection of used and vintage gear. Look for more updates as the date gets closer.




March 13, 2012

At Mars. Oof.

This amp is what they all should sound like. If you like the sound of old transformers and tubes, this is for you. Think Neil Young. Think Angus Young. Just play this amp. Tony of At Mars Amps has really done something special – we do not get blown away by new amps easily(ever), this thing slayyys. Come check one out. 6v6 power tubes, 6sl7 octal pre in this one.  We’ll also take orders for any version you would like.

January 25, 2012


We just got in three really great ones.
The one in Lake Placid Blue is a parts body with a USA Stratocaster neck and two Curtis Novak pickups.  It’s a roller too, honey…
Next is a CIJ Jazzmaster in Mary Kay.  No explanation necessary there.
Finally, Ol’ swamp thing.  It is a ’64 body with a nice 60’s C shape neck, a Novak bridge pickup and a Duncan Hot in the neck position.
Come check ’em out.

December 19, 2011

Dream Weaver

Our boys at Death By Audio have brought from the lab another insane creature.
Meet the beautiful and terrifying Echo Dream…