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April 23, 2012


A mean sounding 1979 Stratocaster finished in Antigua AND a 1968 Coronado.  Two great examples of a pretty interesting finish choice.  So cool.Image

February 11, 2012


1965 Fender Jaguar that was stripped of its original Dakota Red finish, revealing a really beautiful and resonant piece of wood. This Jag has a meaty tone – with strong midrange characteristics. Not too much biting top end – enough to know it’s a Jaguar, but not so crispy it hurts. It’s a sweet machine.

December 28, 2011

Fully stocked with vintage Fenders

At the moment we have an impressive stock of cool vintage Fender guitars & basses to suit any taste.  Broncos, Mustangs, Bullets, P-Basses, Teles, and more.  Here is a photo of just a taste of what we have.  Take one of these in the soundroom and it will be hard not to walk home with a “new” Fender.

December 22, 2011

Guitars? We have some.

Special notes:
* ’58 Gibson ES-175
* ’58 Gibson ES-225
* ’57 Gibson EB-1
* ’60 Gibson ES-125
* ’68 Fender Bronco in Fiesta Red
* ’74 Fender Mustang
* ’75 Fender Telecaster Bass
* ’79 Fender Stratocaster in Antigua

A big thanks to our friends and followers for another great year. Have a safe, happy and healthy holiday.

With Love,
Main Drag Music

December 26, 2010


Its looks like an awesome 1970s Stratocaster, but after taking it apart, it’s hard to say what it is.  Come by the store to give it a try.