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June 25, 2012

More Paul

so many great Les Pauls in at the moment.

(L to R)

1990 Les Paul Studio that has aged like an old custom

2005 Les Paul Standard with a nice “plus” top

In the year 2000 : They made a limited edition Les Paul Deluxe that will destroy your life.

1985 ’58 Les Paul PRE historic reissue.  Amazing.

1991 40th Anniversary Les Paul with P-100s.  A beautiful guitar with production limited to 300.

’00 Les Paul Classic with some pickup upgrades: A JB in the bridge position and an Antiquity in the neck position.


Long live Les.

June 13, 2012

Critter’s New Looper

Critter and Guitari just spent a good while redesigning their Kaleidoloop unit, and we’ve got them in stock! We’ve been having a good bit of fun playing with these up at the front counter, trying to learn to talk backwards and making all kinds of crazy sound collections. You can use the included electret microphone, or plug in just about any other sound source and start having fun. Read the specs here.


June 6, 2012

ES All Good…

And these are all pretty good. Pictured left to right: 1972 ES-325, 1970 ES-335 12-string, 1977 ES-355, 2009 ES-335 Custom Shop, and a 1968 ES-345. Image