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January 11, 2013

The New Contact Mics Are Here! The New Contact Mics Are Here!

there have been many phone calls in the last couple of weeks.  Many of you have been wondering if we were getting in a new shipment of Cryptic contact mics. Some of you have been wondering if they even really existed.  Alas, they do exist, and, they were actually on their way.  Wait no longer and come get ’em while they are still here.tmp_share-1

October 14, 2012


Main Drag is currently rolling in drum sets, I mean, they’re coming out of our ears, falling off the shelves, jamming up the refrigerator, getting under foot……if you’ve ever wanted one of the sets in here or any of the ones coming in soon it’s a good time to come in and make a deal!  If you can find a better price on ANYTHING, let us know!  We need to make some room, even the mice are starting to complain.

November 28, 2011

41 Killer New/Used/Vintage Drum Sets….

…..are all out on the floor here. We’ve got some killer sets here right now and it changes fast, so come on down and check one out. And if you need hardware, cymbals, accessories as well as a great selection of snares we’ve got you covered, including a giant handfull of Radio Kings.

November 21, 2011

Brother from another Mother

Check out these players pieces!  Two awesome Japanese imports that are much better guitars than the price would let on.  One is a 70’s lawsuit SG copy for $400 and the other is a ’84 Yamaha SBG 200 for $300.